There is a big difference between classical, electric, semi-acoustic and steel string guitars in terms of technique and musical interpretation. That’s why we ask you in advance what goal you want to reach by taking lessons. At Gitaar Centrum Amstelland you can choose classical or electric guitar lessons.

Up to age 21:
Half year of private 30-minute lessons  € 410
Half year of private 45-minute lessons  € 615

21 and older:
Half year of private 30-minute lessons  € 496
Half year of private 45-minute lessons  € 744

Payment for lessons is made beforehand, this also applies to trial lessons. The lessons are taught from Monday to Saturday, excluding public and school holidays. One of the methods we use is Colourplay Music.

Please apply with the application form.








School holidays and Public holidays 2021-2022

School holidays
Autumn holiday: 15 – 23 October 2022
Christmas holiday: 24 December 2022 – 08 January 2023
Spring holiday: 18 February – 05 March 2023
May holiday: 22 April – 07 May 2023
Summer holiday: 22 July – 09 September 2023

Public holidays
New Year’s Day: 1 January
Good Friday: 07 April
Easter Sunday and Easter Monday: 09 and 10 April
King’s Day: 27 April
Liberation Day: 5 May
Ascension Day:  18 May
White Sunday and White Monday: 28 and 29 May