Charlotte Schouten
teacher classical guitar

Charlotte began taking guitar lessons at Muziekschool Amstelveen at the age of five. After high school she attended both the ArtEZ and the Amsterdam Conservatory and completed her studies with a HBO bachelor degree. Despite her dyslexia, Charlotte ranked among the best guitarists in the Netherlands between the ages of 12 and 23. Her performance in 2000 at the Bath International Guitar Festival, alongside big names such as Sergio and Odair Assad and Frank Gambale, is a case in point. A traffic accident gave her career a new direction; she decided to start teaching music, which she has been doing for 17 years now.

The great majority of her students are dyslexic or have some form of attention deficit disorder. Several of them had had negative experiences with music lessons before or had to cross a barrier to take up music. For these students, Charlotte developed Colourplay Music©.


With Colourplay Music© Charlotte focuses on students with a passion for music whose talents don’t flourish in the traditional school system. Her approach to teaching is that every student has their own personality and pace of learning, and therefore their own specific needs.

Yotam Tal
teacher electric guitar & bass guitar

Yotam started taking guitar lessons at the age of eight. In 2009 he completed his Master’s in Music at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, after which he started the tech/prog metal band ILLUCINOMA. He has also been a member of the prestigious metal band Textures since 2013.


Yotam has extensive experience with arranging, band coaching and studio recording. In 2007/2008 he was part of the Blue Man Group band, a well-known theatre production by Joop van de Ende.

Since 2014 he has been touring Europe for performances and recordings with various bands that play a great range of styles, such as rock, jazz, fusion, experimental and world music. Yotam teaches at Gitaar Centrum Amstelland in addition to his work as a freelance musician.